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Beauty + Nature

Essential Oil Soaps

Eucalyptus Exfoliating Soap

This soap awakens your senses with eucalyptus and rosemary. It increases ceramide production to keep skin moisturized and reduce inflammation.

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Rose Exfoliating Soap

This will take you on a stroll through the garden without stepping foot outside. Roses are known to help with anxiety and depression as well as to improve the skin.

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Ginger + Turmeric Soap

Spice up your life with these two herbs known to fight infection and inflammation. Turmeric is also known to clear up the skin as well, and ginger is filled with antioxidants.

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We Have One Earth!

We have one planet. Let’s treat it with care. We pride ourselves on offering great packaging while also ensuring we take every effort to minimize our planet’s waste levels. 95% of our products come in biodegradable packaging. The 5% is being researched for alternatives or solutions for maintaining a small carbon footprint.

Plastic is what we run from because it often is not recycled even if you send it to recycling. We focus on biodegradable containers as well as reusable containers. Use up a candle then plant a succulent or and easy to manage pothos in a beautiful concrete containers. Finish your body butter and use the glass jar to organize your crafts.

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From our customers

Love love using these soaps, the way your body feels after your shower...nothing left behind on your skin, no residue!!

Jacqueline S.

The handcrafted details and smells of the products alone are worth the purchase. Amazing!

Paul H.

Smells and feels phenomenal!! Love it!

Anna P.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


Our Core Values

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Focus on Nature

We use natural ingredients including scents. No chemicals used except lye (which is created to make things consistent). Lye goes away due to saponification (mixing lye plus fats removes the lye). Many ingredients are inspired by the Caribbean. As we grow, we hope to source more from the Caribbean especially as we grow our presence there. Key ingredients are purchased from U.S. companies especially given most of our customers reside here.

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Focus on Community

Community is important to us. Finding ways to build up other brands with similar values especially with brands our team has tried brings us joy. We buy locally whenever possible. If you are a local business selling ingredients we use or packaging, please contact us. Building relationships with quality vendors helps us to manage where each ingredient has been sourced. We love purchase in the regions in which we are creating the product. This helps with supporting our local economy as well as reducing our carbon footprint.

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Focus on Environment

We have one planet, so we want to treat it as such. We consciously consider the environment when selecting ingredients, packaging, and shipping. Overnight shipping is not an option, we also use USPS and ship on select days. These steps help to reduce our carbon footprint one step at a time. For reusable containers, we'll be showing you ways to give them a second life.



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